Unique Poker Gift Ideas

You are looking for the right gift to give a poker player? You can find many gifts for poker players that will be appreciated by anyone you know. These are my suggestions for unique gifts that poker players will love.

  1. Poker Books: No matter if you are looking for a beginners guide or a book about improving your strategy, there are plenty of books that can be found online or in a bookstore. These are the top choices from various websites:
  • Internet Texas Hold-em – Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro Matthew Hilger
  • Harrington, Hold’em Volume I Strategic Play
  • Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book by Phil Gordon
    The Theory of Poker, David Sklansky
    Lee Jones – Winning Low Limit Hold’em (2nd Ed)
    Hold’Em Poker For Advanced Players (Advance Player) by David Sklansky
    Larry Phillips – Zen and The Art of Poker: Timeless Tips to Transform Your Poker Game
  1. Poker Chips: You can find a variety of poker chips at different prices. Ceramic or Clay poker chips might be the best choice for someone who is a passionate Poker player. Ceramic Poker Chips have casino-grade chips.

These chips actually have graphics as part of them. Clay poker chips have quickly become the most popular type of chips. They have a distinctive sound and feel that is more softened than the traditional composite chips. They are also not slippery as composite chips which makes them stack more well. Paulson poker chips have a distinctive look and feel. These chips can be used at many casinos, including Bally’s and Caesars Palace. You may also be able to personalize your chips with hot stamping or labels, or full-color chip graphics featuring your home casino logo.

  1. Poker Chip Cases and/or trays: There are many poker chip trays and cases on the market. They range from simple plastic trays to very expensive sets. The majority of cases are made of acrylic, vinyl or aluminum and can be made from leather, wood, metal, leather, or aluminum. While aluminum and acrylic attache cases can be inexpensive, they are not as durable as better quality options. You have the option to choose from a variety of capacity chips cases that can store between 100 and 1000 chips. You have a range of options for wooden poker chips cases. Some poker cases include chip trays and racks. These can be used to store or remove poker chips from the table.
  2. A Poker Table: Your poker player may be serious about their game and would love to have their own garenaqq table. You have the option of a $30 portable table that sits on top of an existing table (such as your dining table), or a dedicated Poker table that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars.

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